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Candy Cane Toon Fantasy

10 September, 2011
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Door to door sales are not always easy if you are a big tit babe like the one from Thrill Doll today. That big sweet hard candy is nearly as sweet as her pussy but much much larger. Today she has met will little success selling these giant candy canes but this door is the one. Our hot little babe with the huge tits has hit the jackpot and found an easy sale, if only HE could find his wallet.

There is no place it could be hiding in the skin tight lounging set he is wearing but make no mistake this toon doesn't miss his tight ass or that huge cock tucked inside his pants. Oh yeah well you know for sure where this comic is going.
Right you are, his pants "accidentally slip down" and surprise his cock is big and hard and ready. I think however, this dude might just have a hearing problem. When our babe is wet and ready and begging for a fuck from HIS big candy cane he inserts that monster treat she is selling in her tight hole.
I don't think that was quite what she had in mind but toon babes are flexible and this one rolled with it making her sweet pussy even sweeter with that sugary treat. Yeah baby these toons were getting down in this hardcore adult comic from Thrill Doll. You want action all you gotta do is ask and the big tit dolls are always willing to deliver.
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Metro Toons HD FreePorn SuperTop 100

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