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Impress The Girls The Thrill Dark Way

24 September, 2011
Toon-3D Big Topsites Top 100 Sex Games

Our toon hero today for a change is a guy. Now normally we are looking at this from the girl toon perspective (as if anyone knows what goes on in a girl's mind). Today though our hero is trying to impress two white chicks.

I mean he is well dressed comes from a wealthy family, drives a super nice car but these babes aren't buying it. Their daddy has money too. They go to the finest schools and drive whatever they want because daddy will buy it for them.
As with all Thrill babes our girls are built like your favorite wet dream but unlike our usual thrill big tit toons these are playing hard to get. They remain unimpressed with this handsome hunk's impressive good look, his car, his money or his charm.
Well now it is time to pull out the big guns! So he does it the Thrill Dark way and strips off those skin tight trousers to show off his huge cock!
Ok so the sample comic ends there, but trust me when I tell you these babes were mightily impressed so much so that our hero will be fighting these white babes off for the forseeable future!
Though rarely are Thrill girls this hard to impress our guy got the job done as is the norm for those big cock toons from Thrill Dark. I won't tell you the ending of the comic that is something you will just have to see for yourself but I will tell you Thrill Dark toons are hardcore and all about interracial fuck fests. So envy this lucky hunk no more.
Get your ass on over to Thrill Dark and check it out for yourself.
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Toon-3D Big Topsites Top 100 Sex Games

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