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Interracial Sex In Drugstore 3D Style

11 September, 2011
Adult Toon Tube Adult Sex Games Hentai Territory

If you are built the way Thrill Dark guys are when you go to buy condoms you will be hunting a while xxx large is not that easy to find!
Today the hot little honey behind the counter has those condoms and she is holding on to them too. Our big dark brother type has just stopped in for a quick purchase but the girl behind the counter wants to know what size. Now any guy when asked that by a super pretty big tit babe is gonna say large please.

I don't care oif those mothers hang off him like a tent on a midget he is going to ask for the large size no guy wants to admit to a "petite" cock.

However when she asks our hero what size he says xxx large. Ok this is a thrill toon and if you dangle a cock that size around them you better believe they will be going after it like a cat after catnip and just as crazy too. She strips off her top and lets those massive boobs jiggle in his direction and says ever so sweetly "I need proof of size please". Must be some new kinda law cause I never had a clerk ask to see my proof before!

Just like it always does with those thrill dark dudes and white chicks things get hot and hardcore fast right there on the floor of the pharmacy. Bet that sight would give some old geezer a real heart condition or a jolt of adrenaline one.
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Adult Toon Tube Adult Sex Games Hentai Territory

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