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Too Much Talk Not Enough Action For This Chick

6 October, 2011
Toon-3D 3D Sex Movies MAX HENTAI

Have you ever seen those girl sandwich threesomes with a chick between two guys taking both dicks? Now did you ever stop and wonder how they figured it out. I mean who gets on top? Who gets the ass and who gets the pussy?

These things don't just happen ya know they take some thought and negotiation! Will they do a flat out dp and squeeze both those cocks into one hole? I can tell you right now that is ot gonna happen today. I mean 3D toons are all you ever wanted in a girl with tight pussies huge tits and curves that go on forever but there is a limit. Once you take a look at the size of these monster cocks you know there is a one meat pole per hole limit here before it rips her in two. So today's little 3D erotic art update is all about that negotiation of who gets what hole along with her sizing up these monster cocks and I am sure wondering if this is going to work! Hell I am wondering myself and I KNOW how it ends! However this pair of well hung studs are haggling and discussing way too much for our Thrill Bang hottie and she is about to lose her patience. Too much talking and not enough action! So without further words let's get on to the good stuff and to see just how it ends and see all those XXX hardcore 3D videos to boot then you have to get on over to Thrill Bang.
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Toon-3D 3D Sex Movies MAX HENTAI

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